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Want to make videos that will go viral? What about editing that footage from your last trip? VivaVideo is the perfect free app to turn your videos into beautiful, eye-catching videos in just a few taps.

A Powerful Video Editor: Get all the professional editing tools you need at the click of a button. Trim and merge clips in storyboard editing mode as well as enhance your videos and sound quality. Control video speeds, preview edits instantly in our WYSIWYG interface. Share your work on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Creative Video Camera Lenses: Enjoy multiple shooting styles like selfies, special effects, video collages and more. Lighten the mood with 9 funny lenses or capture your best selfie with exclusive lenses.

Easy-to-use Slideshow Maker: Turn your still photos in moving masterpieces with special themes and your favourite tracks. Choose from over 200 special effects including animated stickers, GIFs, texts, effects, subtitles and filters.

Unique Video Collage (Picture In Picture) Maker: Merge your most favourite clips seamlessly and add another layer to your unforgettable stories with delightful collage templates.

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